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Quote of the Day: Paragon Six


I thought this was particularly apropos, given a couple of specific news stories I've seen floating around here in the last couple of days.  DR

"Elite' is a term that gets tossed around a lot (although 'Tier 1' seems to have surpassed it.) Today I visited an "elite" unit in an African country. A soldier from this unit had his hand casually resting on and in front of the muzzle of his weapon while manning his guard post/shack.

He then turned the rifle so we could access the log book to sign in and in so doing turned the muzzle towards us.

I had to bite my tongue from saying anything. I would not tolerate this from a student in one of my VSM Basic classes, yet here is an 'elite' soldier violating three of the four firearms safety rules.

So the next time someone mentions an elite unit, bear in mind that is very much a relative term and those of us who have either been in, trained with or worked with truly elite units, have a higher standard as to what qualifies for that designation."               Stony Smith, Paragon Six


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