Monderno's Rifle Build Giveaway is Live


A lot of us have been following Monderno's progress on their rifle giveaway to benefit Descendents of Sparta with some interest - both because it's a good cause and, well, because there's always the chance you'll be the one who wins. The contest is live now if you want to enter.Monderno_Rifle_Build

A little background: Brandon Zeider of Monderno became aware of a lower receiver charity project being run by Dean and Amber of 2 Vets Arms. They were doing a limited run to benefit Descendents of Sparta (which is part of Gallant Few, Inc. and is aimed at preventing veteran suicide) and he bought one. It escalated from there.

"To be honest I didn't even know who 2 Vets Arms was at the time," Brandon told me. " wa s kick ass cause and who doens't need another lower? So I bought one...through that purchase I got to know 2 Vets Arms...I had to do a build obviously, so I floated the idea of donated parts and raffling it off for a sort of developed from there..."

The Descendents of Sparta charity was a natural progression, since that was the original intent behind the 2 Vets Arms project. Brandon made it very clear they wanted nothing to do with a military-related charity that was anti-gun.

To get in on the contest and see the full build, go to -

Take a look at the folks involved...pretty impressive list (note: this is an almost entirely Faceb00k-driven project):
The Descendants of Sparta Rifle Giveaway is live.

Parts/services donated by:

2 Vets Arms -
Texas Custom Guns -
Pistol Pay -
FailZero -
B5 Systems -
Vigilance Tactical -
Practical Tactical -
Get A Grip -
Rainier Arms -
Movement to Contact -

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