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Mag Wraps and Rapid Wrap from USNVC


If you're OCD enough to require something better than the rattle-can look (or you don't mind spending a little money for 100% authenticity and some expedient application in your camo patterns) you'll be happy to know US Nightvision is releasing some new cammie material for your magazines, your weapon and equipment and your phone, all of it feature A-TACS Camo. The Mag Wraps run $20 and come in a three-pack. They fit any any 30-round magazine and stop at the mag well. USNVC also advises they provide UV protection and chemical resistance as well as being completely waterproof. They're all non-reflective matte finished and leave no residue when removed Additionally they can be stacked, so you can peel one off to leave the one visible if necessary for a sudden change in environment. MagWraps The Rapid Wrap comes in a 2" x 60" roll ($10 each) that can be cut and applied via peel and stick to whatever needs to cammied up.

Rapid Wraps™ are custom printed on a high speed 3M material and are adaptable for virtually any application and offer great protection from moisture and scuffs to your weapon or optic system. They will adhere to virtually any substrate and leave zero residue when removed. If removed properly, Rapid Wraps can be reused again and again.



Lastly there are Hard Shell iPhone Cases, which retail for $25 and are finished with a proprietary "Silicone Grip" Soft-Touch coating. It's non-skid and has matching face plate graphics.


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