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The Knives of Confederate Forge


Cashion_DoubleBarrelFriday afternoon one of the insufferably Texan minions of the Mad Duo posted an article about Confederate Forge, an old school one-man operation making extraordinary blades there in the Lone Star State. I took a look and was impressed with what I saw (in fact, I gave the craftsman's contact info to the Residential Sergeant Major for a Father's Day gift idea, which means hopefully I'll get two - one from Eric and one from Bill Coye). I did some reading and then called him. Turns out that not only does he make the blades himself, he sews the sheaths and does the leatherwork too. There's an old sewing machine near the forge and that's what he works on. He also hand decorates what he makes, from knife scabbards to quivers (he's an avid bowhunter). Interestingly, if you do some digging through social media you'll find that Confederate Forge has done a number of specials for many of the 'tactical celebrities' in our world.

Here's a look at some more of his work( that's him out to the right on the range, by the way, not one of the Vikings).




Here's a little video of the man at work:






I was pleasantly surprised at the cost, too. That razor with the cross attached and leather sheath was only $140 shipped, which I think is a damn good price for a handmade custom knife.

As Alan from BattleComp put it, "Booyah. My MuleSkinner rocks. A razor that has already tasted blood. Mostly, Eric's. Takes a special dude to choose to pound metal to do his bidding. Rock on. That is all."

The Confederate Forge website is:

The Confederate Forge Facebook page is:

The original article with some more background and other knife designs is here:

That's it for today. It's Sunday, so Happy Easter (or Passover, as is your preference). Hope you have a good day. Go forth and conquer.


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