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DAP Packs - A Few Are Available At Blue Force Gear


Micro_with_DappersBrittney was supposed to call me when any of the Blue Force Gear DAP packs were available, but she didn't. Since I'm guessing that catering to me is not the only thing she has to do I'm going to forgive her.

This time.

DAP Packs were first released by BFG several years ago and eventually discontinued (I didn't authorize that, but they did it anyway). They've been keeping a couple of each style and color for reference locked away in the double secret BFG gear vault since then. Now with the arrival of the  Hive Satchel and its coming mass release, as well as a couple of other developments we've yet to see they've decided to go ahead and sell the remaining samples.

I've had a DAP since they were first released. In fact, the one I have is a prototype BFG shipped me before they were released, and I have used the hell out of it. I love this pack. The only thing I have been dissatisfied with (on occasion) was the size (story of my life). My DAP pack is a Micro in multi-cam. I've wanted a larger pack with similar features in a less "Hey, I'm military" colors for some time now. Unfortunately, until now, the packs were discontinued and I couldn't get another.  Forgive the quality of the pictures, they were taken in between lectures with a very battered camera before we had access to phone cameras.



The DAP packs are well built and thanks to the Dappers are both modular and versatile. With the civvie color available on the Micro pack, they make it an excellent choice for day to day or unobtrusive use. For a long time I used mine as a carry-on for travel, leaving my non-TSA friendly stuff in an Admin Pouch in my checked luggage. As soon as I reach my destination, I'd pull the no-fly stuff out of my luggage and slap it into the pack (which has admittedly led to a couple of cabbies eyeballing me a little worriedly).


Nowadays I use a different pack for travel, largely due to my son's request that I put together what he calls a 'Book of Eli Walkin' Bag', but I still use an accessory wing Dapper and numerous pouches for that. If you're interested at all in his theory of the BOEWB and what I throw in it, let me know. We can discuss it in a future post.

But I digress.

The packs currently available on the Last Call page at Blue Force Gear are Micro and Vulcan (two versions of the same pack), Skye and Overlord (also two versions of the same pack) and two different sized discreet carry pages. The color combinations are different on each one, but there should be something in there that will suit you.




There are literally only a handful of each size left and some colors are already sold out. From what Brittney just advised me, this will be the last time to get one. Do yourself a favor and at least take a look.

The packs are at and the Dapper inserts are at

You can find more about Blue Force Gear on their Facebook page, and at the In Full Kit Facebook page,



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