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That Damn Sprague and The Invincible Mind


Have you ever had one of those guys who is always just one step ahead of you? No matter how well you perform, they are measurably better? Shoot a 98% on the range at the police academy, he shoots 99%? You shoot 100% and find out he did too...and was 1.5 seconds faster? Dominate during a MOUT exercise then catch a Sim round right the end, right in the face, from an impossible distance? You know the kind of person I'm talking about. Curtis Sprague is one of those guys. He is my nemesis. He has been vexing me on and off since 1992. He is also superb instructor, with over two decades military and law enforcement experience and an unmatched passion for his craft. Curtis is one of the instructors behind Dark Horse Tactical, who will be teaching The Invincible Mind to a civilian audience in Oklahoma in a couple of weeks.

Since I believe we've been raising successive generations of victims, hobbling any natural tendency towards self-defense or laudable inclination to defend others (particularly in our schools), I'm happy to see a class like this. Many of us in the military and law enforcement have been taught combat mindset/officer survival philosophies and methodology - it's good to see it promoted in the civilian world.


Note: you may recall Dark Horse Tactical from a previous post, as in addition to instruction they also hand-sew custom holsters (

Naturally. Next week I'll win a Pulitzer prize...and then find out that damn Sprague just published a best selling novel.


I hate this guy:


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