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Z-Bolt C-TRIP Green Laser: from Tripwires to Ground Spoor


Though I haven't been able to do much tracking over the last couple of years, I try to remain in touch with my mentor and some of the instructors I've worked with. Tracking at a fundamental level hasn't changed since hairy guys with sharp sticks were chasing down woolly mammoths but tactics do evolve as we learn new lessons (often relearning old ones) and as technology changes. One aspect of tactical/combat tracking that has changed significantly over the last decade is the ability of trackers to follow spoor at night with some security. Changes in the types of lights available, the increased availability of green lights over red, improvements in nightvision equipment and lasers - all of these impact how a tracker conducts the follow-up in hostile conditions.

Fred Osuna of Greenside Training is working to incorporate the Z-Bolt C-TRIP  tripwire laser into his night-time index tracking instruction. Originally intended to to illuminate and fluoresce trip and command wires, it looks like the C-TRIP may also be perfect for picking up everything from heel strikes to material transference even in darkness. (If you weren't aware, green light is far superior to red for tracking at night and far less likely to get you killed than white, which is why even as early as '02 and '03 Scott-Donelan was having us use green lens flashlights when we were On Track, and why many track-trained military personnel and LEOs routinely carry Inova microlights in their kit now.)


I'll let you know how things work with regard to picking up ground truth vs. tripwires once his students start using them in training exercises.

From the website:

The C-TRIP produces a highly visible 60 degree fan which projects a 15' Line @ 15'. Easily scan doorways, halls or stair wells with one pass. Choice of Multicam, Coyote Brown, ACU, or Black modular pouch for transport and stowage. Laser power actuator on battery end cap assembly; lanyard loop and power lockout function. Six (6) hour continuous on operation. 1" knurled tube - easily attach to standard 1” tactical light mounts. In use byoperational forces in theater - Army, USMC, USAF, SOF, NSW and Navy EOD. Also Federal & Municipal Bomb Techs.


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