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Apocalypse Equipped: The Joey from Tactical Tailor

It is a good practice to seek different perspectives on things so you don't become inbred or close-minded. To that end I try to keep up with a number of different blogs and sites that offer a look at equipment and TTPs from a different frame of reference than my military/LEO context. One of the blogs I enjoy is Apocalypse Equipped - its writers have a different sort of background and they're on a continent that is arguably at least somewhat different than Oklahoma...anyway, here's their take on the Tactical Tailor Joey. Thanks Josh!

I was very fortunate to have one of my articles snapped up by David Reeder of KitUp! and he then put me in touch with Casey Ingels of Tactical Tailor to do some reviews for them. I of course was overjoyed to be part of the team, so here we go.

First up, in quite the pique of humor, the guys thought it would be funny to have me look over the Joey Hydration Pouch. For those of you who don't know, a joey is a baby kangaroo  so, it's a perfect name for this little pouch. Here is what I can tell you.

Made from 1000D Cordura, and in coyote brown here, this pouch fits the Source 0.75L bladder that comes as optional extra through Tactical Tailor.

The double zipper closure gives not only very secure storage, but also gives considerable protection to the contents as well as giving easy access. Paracord zipper pulls eliminate metal-on-metal tells and drain holes at the bottom of the pouch ensure you don't scoop up too much of the wilderness as you are adventuring, without exposing the bladder to significant risk.

The back of the pouch is a close stitched 5 row, two column PALS/MOLLE region, which arrived with two 5" MALICE clips giving you a variety of attachment options.

I fed mine through the 3" loops, to give it a belt-wearable test, but it would do just as well lashed to the side of a daypack, or chest-rig. The entire body of the pouch is wrapped in three rows of PALS/MOLLE to make the pouch even more useful, as a platform

The lid of the pouch has a panel from under which the hydration tube can escape, left or right, but the brilliant thing about this pouch is that it not only fits the 0.75L Source pouch, but also a 1L (32oz) Nalgene bottle. Here is me out testing the pouch. As I said, I wore it on my belt, here lashed to the d-ring of my Triple Aught Design Amphibious shorts via the hook-and-loop retention strap on the source drinking tube.


This setup has allowed me to go for my run, drink as needed and drop the tube, without it slipping and slapping all over the place, or letting Tactical Baby get too good a grip on it as she slipped through before taking me down in classic hapkido fashion (I presume).

For times when lugging a whole 3L bladder is just too much effort, when considering the need for a bag to carry one, like the Platatac Bravo and only a small volume is required (or for those weight conscious expeditions) this is a dream come true.

Between this and my ITS Skeletonized Bottle Holder I don't intend to go thirsty any time in the city, ever again. This is an extremely well put together pouch and certainly lives up to the expectations of something named after Australian wildlife.  Stay tuned for more from Tactical Tailor .... Original article here:

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