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And Now a Word from Rob Swartwood


The #1 killer of men and women who have served our nation in combat is the man or woman that many of them see in the mirror. The statistic used to be 18 suicides per day, but some estimate that number to now be as high as 22. Nine good friends and I are running / biking / hiking over 1,000 miles this month for a fundraiser called Run Ranger Run. We're running to raise awareness for these kinds of issues, and because we believe that we're losing our fellow servicemembers - who represent resources and assets to our nation in so many ways - senselessly, and at alarming rates. We're also running to raise money for organizations like GallantFew, Inc. who is battling the issue of veteran suicide head on. If you're able and interested in investing in veterans for a stronger America, please consider a donation at this link: Otherwise, continue to drink your Ranger Coffee and we'll handle the rest. Thanks all.



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