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Weekend Read: Target Deck


Jack_MurphyAnd now from the secret headquarters of the military veteran novelist mafia - Pete Nealan on Jack Murphy's novel Target Deck. Jack as no doubt recall is one of our former contributors here at Kit Up and a solid military fiction writer (or action fiction - I'm not sure what they're calling the genre now, if it has a name specifically).  Pete Nealan is the author of Task Force Desperate (which I've previously reviewed here). I was going to review Target Deck myself, but I wanted to reread Reflexive Fire first - and I can't do that until I get it back from my nephew, who borrowed it and apparently reads one paragraph a day max (looking at you Skylar LaBounty). In the meantime then, here's Nealan's take on it:

"A lot of what is happening as background for the book will be familiar to anyone who has kept an eye on the deteriorating situation in Mexico.  While Deckard’s operation is in the south, in what is presently disputed territory near Guatemala, the Zetas and Sinaloa cartel are featured prominently in the background.  The Zapatista rebels in Chiapas even make several appearances.  Jack even brings Fast and Furious into the mix, along with questionable black operations being run by shadowy individuals in the corridors of power.

The action sequences are frequent and well done.  The carnage in places is pretty intense, though anyone who’s been keeping even one eye on the war in Mexico would know that it’s by no means in excess of what has been happening down there."

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