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Raven Concealment Weapon Memes


If any of you follow Raven Concealment Systems via social media, you know they are serious proponents of the Second Amendment and happy to engage in academic debate about many political topics (preferably at a Cracker Barrel). Due to the popularity of these memes they are soon going to be offering them on their website as high quality decals available for purchase. The ones they select will be contingent upon which ones receive the most likes and shares.

Personally I'd vote for this one - but that may be because those are my mitts there, on my Glock, at the Victory First class Matt and I attended late last year.

Cast your vote or share, if you care to, on Raven Concealment Systems Facebook page and/or follow them on Twitter.


Look ma, I'm famous!

(Now standing by for the inevitable commentary on my grip, weapon choice and/or caliber...or, if you are Josh Russell of BAPD, my lack of manicure.)

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