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Para-cycle with Montague


Montague_Paratrooper_BikeThis may be the perfect tool for LGOPs who want to get around faster. The jumpable tactical bike. Bicycles have enjoyed a use in military applications since at least the end of the 19TH Century, though I can't say if any have ever been jumped before. They've been used by couriers, by light infantry for increased mobility and to haul supplies. You'd be surprised how many countries have had dedicated bicycle infantry units (Bersaglieri anyone?). Montague has been providing military bicycles (tactical mountain bikes like the TENS) for more than a decade - this video makes it look good.

They are now available for civilian purchase.


LGOPs - from the probably apocryphal quote attributed to Gen. Gavin: After the demise of the best Airborne plan, a most terrifying effect occurs on the battlefield. This effect is known as the rule of the LGOPs. This is, in its purest form, small groups of pissed-off 19 year old American paratroopers. They are well trained. They are armed to the teeth and lack serious adult supervision. They collectively remember the Commander's intent as "March to the sound of the guns and kill anyone who is not dressed like you" - or something like that. It's accurate and may very well reflect Gen. Gavin's philosophy, but a lot of argument remains about an actual quote (that isn't from a movie). Spurious or not, the Rule of LGOPs is one embraced by shooters who happily throw themselves out of perfectly good airplanes.

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