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RE Factor Operator Band in Action


Valentine's Day gift idea. Send this link to HH6 or your girlfriend.

Various Kit Up! authors have discussed RE Factor gear before - here's a quick look at the Operator Band in operation, used to start a fire. Presumably the Survival Band would function similarly.


The Tactical Operator Band was developed by a Green Beret SERE Level C graduate and is made in the USA by a US Army combat veteran. It has a removable P51 can opener and flint rod (which can be used without damaging the remainder of the band); the flint can be used as a sink weight for the hook and line, The bracelet is built of 12′ of 550 (Para-) cord and features 30′ of 80lb fishing line, a #8 fishing hook and a handcuff key. RE Factor's various wrist bands are at: REFactor_OB-hand REFactor_OB-p38-off

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