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Blue Force Gear on Tac TV Tonight


Stephen Hilliard and Brittney DeVane will be appearing tonight on Larry Vickers' Tac TV talking slings. LAV and the two Blue Force Gear shooters will be various aspects Steve_TacTV2of single- two- and three-point slings and then running variants through a number of drills. They take a look at the original 2-point 'parade ground' M16 2-point slings with friction adapters, the leather marksmanship 2-pointers and then of course the various BFG slings and hardware, demonstrating the suitability of the latter for dynamic activity and various shooting positions. It might seem a little strange, even counter-intuitive, to devote a half an hour to sling use but it's actually well worth the time, particularly if you've never had the opportunity to work different types of slings though various dynamic and evolving courses of fire and positions. They talk about sling features and go into design considerations, including a demonstration of why they put Nomex on their MG slings.



After watching the show, I'm probably going to have to try out their RED swivel and Burnsed Socket next time I'm on the range. I like the looks of 'em.BlueForceBrittney_TacTV

If you don't have a subscription to Tac TV, send BFG a note and ask them to post a clip or two on their website. EDIT: Brittney advises they probably won't be posting clips on the website but if you miss it tonight the episode is scheduled to re-air next Monday, 18 FEB 13.


Note to Daniel Defense and BCM – you guys should both have run your Tac TV commercials during the Superbowl. They’d have been the best ones on there (and damn sure would have beat the hell out of the Korean dancing nut cracker song).

This Tac TV episode airs tonight at 2200 EST on the Sportsman Channel.


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