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The Unregistered AR15 Build

via Monderno. Pretty interesting stuff, particularly if you're unaware of the 80% deal. Disclaimer: we're posting this because we figger it's an interesting read for most of you on here. Don't read any more into it than that, and don't get butt-hurt that we're refuting or condoning nuthin', and we're certainly not claiming to be attorneys. If you go out and buy or stay home and build anything more dangerous than a Nerf gun, that's on you.  No matter what you do, don't make a video of yourself on some sort of overly bellicose (grunts: bellicose) pro-Second Amendment rant and post it on the interwebz - doesn't matter if what you say is correct. Control and moderation, folks. Don't provide ammunition to the folks that might think opposite the way you do.

Legally Build an Unregistered AR-15

I mentioned yesterday that I think building your own AR-15 makes a lot of sense in the current political climate. Today I’m going to tell you why, and give you some resources to make it happen.

Current Gun Control Push

The current gun control push is mostly about “assault weapons”, the erroneous term politicians use to demonize semiautomatic rifles like the AR-15. Again, how successful the politicians will be is yet to be determined, but make no mistake, they do not want us armed and will not give up their agenda easily.

Their game plan is to, at minimum, ban these types of weapons, preventing anyone from legally purchasing one in the future, and then to force everyone who currently owns one to register it. And, as everyone who has studied the history of gun control knows, registration has always led to confiscation.Monderno

Let’s say, academically speaking, because I’m sure no one who reads my blog would ever break the law, that you wanted to avoid this potential situation? Here’s how you do it.

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