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SilencerCo's "Saker" Series Soon Available


SilencerCo (manufacturer of the Osprey and Sparrow series cans) introduced the 5.56 centerfire Saker suppressor last year at SHOT - it is now in full production and will shortly be available for commercial purchase. Finalized after several years of R&D and tens of thousands of rounds, the Saker series provides the shooter with modularity and leverages several developments in, for lack of a better term, "suppressor technology.

The Hoplon Blast Baffle (Patent Pending) veers away from from traditional cone blast baffle design and instead uses what SilencerCo calls "new to silencer design materials, strategic reinforcements and improved geometry" to improve strength, longevity and sustained accuracy.

The Multiple Accessory Attachment Device (MAAD) is an interchangeable centerfire rifle mounting platform that will attach various muzzle accessories (including, obviously, the Saker) to most popular flash hiders and other mounts. This flexibility allows the shooter more platforms to work from instead of mandating a specific proprietary mounting system. (I'm not aware of any extant other system that does this, though I'm not a Silencer/Suppressor guru.)

The MAAD Cap is a rifle silencer front cap modular accessory designed to be quickly and easily replaced without returning the suppressor for repair. Its purpose is to defend the Saker from end cap strikes (the typical cause of rifle silencer damage). The MAAD Cap is threaded to the (fully welded) suppressor tube and does not hold any of the silencer parts inside. This eliminates the reduction in strength some non-welded designs suffer. Shooters can purchase extra MAAD Caps, MAAC Cap flash hiders et al as needed for field expedient use.

The Trifecta MAAD Mount is the Saker's own proprietary mounting solution, designed to be a simple one-handed index-mount-use system.  To deploy the Saker, the shooter just drops it onto the Trifecta RS flash hider (q.v.) until is stops on the index points - the shooter then turns the Saker to lock it down. There are no external levers or ratchets. SilencerCo advises that this allows the Saker, with the Trifecta, to be "...recessed under many popular railed hand guards and still retain is fast attach and detach features..."

The Trifecta RS Flash Hider (RS is Resonance Suppression) is 3-prong piece that uses different length prongs to eliminate the 'tuning fork' effect experienced by some flash hiders. SilencerCo avows that it retains "excellent flash suppression" when used independently of the Saker itself.

Here's Silencer Lab with a sound test on a Saker (5.56mm on a DDM4 V5)


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