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SHOT Follow-Up: the Mossie Tactics Troy Front Sight Midnight Mount


Mossie LogoMossie Tactics Troy Front Sight Midnight Mount

Brad Walker

Mossie Tactics was showing one of their new and innovative Mossie Midnight Mounts, the MT2400TRN, at SHOT Show last week. The mount essentially replaces the Troy Rail nut that holds the sight in place, and turns your Troy Front Sight into an integrated light mount that will accommodate most popular pistol lights such as the Surefire X300, X400 and the Streamlight TLR series, just to name a few.

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The mount drops the light well below the front sight’s line-of-sight as not to interfere with the user’s sight picture, and does not alter the host weapon whatsoever. It’s constructed from the same lightweight and durable 6061 T1 aluminum that you expect from Mossie Mounts, and is Type III Hard Anodized. It uses the same ergonomics that you’re used to in a Mossie Mount. The steps to action the light are the same as if you were using your thumb to manipulate the switch on a pistol light. This will allow users a seamless transition between operation of their pistol and rifle weapon lights.

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The mount arrives with a custom screw that is needed to complete the installation that replaces the standard Troy sight screw, and only takes minutes to install. Just remove the Troy screw and nut, replace with the Mossie MT2400TRN and supplied screw, dab a little Blue Loctite on the screw for added security, install your favorite light and go to work.

The MT2400TRN retails for $74.99 and is available now in the Battlecomp store.

You can find out more details about the Mossie Midnight MT2400TRN Mount and purchasing info over at Battlecomp’s website at

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