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SHOT 2013: Tactical Tailor Low Profile Plate Carrier


The new low profile plate carrier from Tactical Tailor was designed to be a part of a whole family of concealed carry gear. The designer wore something similar he cobbled together for approximately two years in a high threat, low profile operating environment overseas.

Tac_Tailor_Low_Vis1 Tac_Tailor_Low_Vis2

The lessons learned there went into the Low Vis Plate Carrier design. For instance, it uses vinyl coated nylon with Velcro for its plates and modular pieces. This allows the panels to retain their shape. It also prevents those situations where you have to put the panel on, then replace all the mags once its mounted. Lastly they've found it provides a far smoother draw than standard nylon, and of course it doesn't wear down as quickly. The real estate and configuration makes this a good option for everything from something you wear under a cover garment to a hasty DA rig. Tac_Tailor_Low_Vis4


Here's a little explanation:



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