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That was me early this morning prepping for the day (after a couple cups of coffee). As you can imagine, there is a lot going on here at the SHOT Show. This has been a productive and informative week in ways I never expected - for instance what began as a simple story on the newest Lowa combat boot turned into a fascinating (being serious there) tutorial about how they develop their boots and select the materials based on the intended use - for instance, soldiers vs. mountain hikers.


A road sign near the Lowa factory.

I've gotten several message asking about what we're up to here, so I thought I'd give a quick SITREP here on the last day. Many sites are posting an ongoing commentary of new products (like the ASAP from Mystery Ranch and the Noveske Scout Mount), so if you're looking for frequent updates make sure you check them out. I'm trying to fit a few of those in there periodically, but mostly you'll be reading about the folks I'm talking to in the coming days - for instance, yesterday we've spent quite a while talking to a half dozen industry minds, including Steve and Phil with A-TACS, Lawrence at Hyde Concealment/PenCott, Doug at ATEI and others.Today we're meeting up with some of the lads from Karrimor SF to discuss not only their LCE and winter boots, but their overall participation in the new British dismounted soldier modernization program (once Peacock, now VIRTUS), COMFUT (the Spanish program) and others in the European military community. Then we're off to Azimuth Technology, Multi Tasker, SOG, B.E. Meyers, Recon Cigars, Knights Armament, Ares Gear and Rogue Gunfighter...and somewhere in there we're hoping to find time to meet up with Chuck Mawhinney at Otis ,the Yeti at the MagPul booth and Kyle over at Viking Tactics.

That's it for now - hopefully by the time you're reading this I'll have gathered some more material to pass on to you over the coming weeks. If you have something particular you want me to look at, leave a comment to that effect and I will try to look into it.

Oh, and for obvious reasons make sure you read this article about Matt's take on the pulse of the weapon manufacturers at SHOT.

More to follow.


Talking to Tony Miele at Smith & Wesson about how they developed the CORE.

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