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SHOT 2013: American Snipers "Hides"


If you're at NSSF/SHOT 2013 and you haven't been by one of the American Snipers hides yet, try to do so within the next four hours. It's hard to believe that I first started talking to Brian Sain, founder of that organization, ten years ago when it was he and a garage full of good kit and a big postage bill. Now, as of Wednesday evening (I don't have numbers yet for Thursday) they've raised over fifty thousand dollars. It's going to be a big week for them, which is a Good Thing - you'd be hard pressed to find a US unit anywhere that hadn't received support from these guys at least once in the last decade, and I'm not sure you could find a more devoted group of guys in any similar group (equally dedicated perhaps, but not more dedicated).



There are five hides scattered through SHOT, manned by AS volunteers, Tac Girls and such respected military personnel as Ed Eaton and Ron Smith. They're sponsored FN, Armalite, Leupold, US Tactical and of course the NSSF. They have an awesome rifle raffle going on ($10 per ticket, includes additional kit), an M16A2 silent auction and a combat shadow box silent auction (as well as some great pins, decals, patches et al available for a donation). Get by there and pick something up - the new patch and the anniversary coin are both bad ass.


Don't mind the pink paracord securing the rifle, it was her idea to use it instead of OD.

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