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Quickbooks: Anti 2ND Amendment? Intacto Arms - No Joy

A couple of my friends who wear the EGA sent this to me just a few minutes ago asking me to put the word out, so here it is. I have not (yet) confirmed this with Quickbooks nor Intuit (stand by for that) but if it's true, it's a Bad Thing. How many banks and credit card processing entities are now working against proponents of the Second Amendment? Make no mistake, I don't dispute their right to pick and choose their customers. I can but hope those who go this route wind up reaping the financial "rewards" of the decision. I will be trying to contact Intuit and Quickbooks for an official response or at least some clarification. Meanwhile, watch the video. If any of you know any further details (or want to contact them yourselves) please free to sound off.

Again, this is a recent post on YouTube from the Idaho based company Intacto Arms. More to follow.


I have also heard from a couple of places that Paypal is similarly anti-firearms, have any of you had any issues with them?

You can go direct with Intacto Arms on Facebook ( or

Phone (619) 446-7789

What's ironic for me personally is Household-6 has been after me to buy Quickbooks for weeks now. If this proves to be true, then I guess I'll need to find some other kind of software.What a pisser.

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