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New Shooter's "Raptor Buckle" Belt from Vertx

 Vertx has a new belt that will shortly be available. It uses contour webbing that tapers down from 1 3/4" to 1" and the American made side-release Raptor Buckles from JBC Corp instead of the more common Cobra buckle. The Vertx Raptor belt (may not be the actual title) is not a rigger's belt, rather more of a range/shooter's belt, though they do intend to eventually make one with a rigger's harness. It provides sufficient platform for duty carry without providing too much for EDC or CCW/off-duty work.

Vertx chose to taper the webbing in once piece the way they did so there's no attachment point (as there is in some belts where two different sized pieces of webbing are sewn together) and to allow the 1" metal Raptor buckle (which is lower profile and lighter weight than a Cobra buckle, can be threaded through typical pant loops without removal and has a 2,000 lb. rating (assuming you wanted to lift a minivan or whatever).

The belts will  initially be available in Black, OD and Earth (the Vertx coyote)--and there may be a few at SHOT if you want to swing by their booth.

The Raptor buckle, if you're unfamiliar with it, has an interesting back story. It was developed by a male nurse in Iraq who was having to deal day to day with inadequate three-pronged buckles on the litters they were using...more on the Raptor buckle and why Vertx chose it in a future article.

No word yet on how soon the new belt will be available for purchase but expect it soon.

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