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SHOT 2013: Glock's New Glock 30S


The New Glock 30s

by Brad Walker

I had the opportunity to shoot the newly anticipated Glock 30s yesterday morning at the Media Day range at SHOT Show. It's essentially a Glock 36 slide variant on a 30sf frame. With all the new releases by Springfield Armory's XDs series, it seems as if Glock needed a slim-framed pistol that would compete in the ever-popular world of concealable slim guns. The Glock 30s was their answer. While not a revolutionary concept, it does provide options for shooters out there with small hands or a naturally smaller grip the ability to peruse more than one website for a short-slide/slim-framed conceal carry pistol.


Shooting the 30s was like shooting most other SF(short frame) Glocks with difference lying [for me] in the recoil. It wasn't bad considering you're shooting a .45, however the XDs .45 has a smoother recoil in my opinion. That said, it's nothing the end user will not be able to overcome or even be able to notice in most instances. The most noticeable characteristic for me was the notched and stepped magwell and extended magazine baseplate that allows the user to get that lonely pinky out of the breeze and back in the fight. For those who carry a -21 or a -21Sf it also provides a secondary or off-duty option that will run the same magazines (much as the -19 and -26 mags work).

Overall - and keep in mind this is within the context of the very limited amount of time I had available to get a feel for it - it seems like a great pistol for those in need of a slim-framed pistol that adds another option for gun-lovers like you and I to ponder over and discuss. Get out there and check one out and decide for yourself.


Author with the Gunny out at Media Day

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