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Fashion & Firearms in Chicago: AlphaGirls, HEAT Armor and Nickel and Lace


HEAT_armor_ExplorerI AM NEVER QUITwill be the recipient of proceeds from the upcoming 'Fashion & Firearms' show from Alpha Girls and Nickel & Lace at the HEAT Armor HQ in Chicago.  There will be a raffle with a lot of prizes to raise money for I Am Never Quit and Alpha Girls (sadly, not a black 2010 Limited Edition Armored 4 x 4 Explorer with leather interior and B4+ armor and Hutchinson run-flats). The Fashion & Firearms Show will be 02 MAR 13 with food, drink a runways how and bad ass trucks from HEAT.


I Am Never Quit is a legit mission that works to raise awareness and funds for various military related non-profits (and to encourage others to donate) in order to provide quality of life, rehabilitative and critical care services for military and wounded veterans and their immediate families. They do this by running - a lot - in plate carriers and plates. By a lot I mean a number of miles (frequently up and down mountains in the desert) that should earn a clinical admission to someplace with padded walls. (Then again, that's coming from someone who doesn't run unless there is a bear chasing him and who backs his car down the driveway to check the mail he doesn't have to walk.) This guy literally runs almost as much as in his off time as he works full-time, he's that passionate about his mission.


Alpha Girls is an organization that serves the motivated female community (or the unmotivated by trying to motivate them). From fighting mindset and philosophy to classes on the range and in the dojo, an AlphaGirl by their definition is a " mom, athlete, police officer, business woman..." (I'm going to ask that they add female Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine or Coastie to that).

AlphaGirls LLC is about empowering women, of all ages, through skill - both physical and mental. All "bad guys" are looking for victims, not opponents and AlphaGirls ARE NEVER VICTIMS! AlphaGirls will bring out the "alpha" trait in you thereby positively impacting all aspects of your life.
I know at least three of their instructors and I'm pretty sure this is going to be an organization that goes somewhere (I've already made arrangements to send my oldest niece up to them during part of the summer).


Nickel and Lace is a concealed carry holster designer and fashion designer that builds gear specifically for women to provide female customers with "...a feeling of femininity, empowerment, and style while allowing them to discreetly carry...that allows you to suit...your wardrobe rather than dressing for an uncomfortable and bulky holster. Created by women for women."


Tickets are $40 ($45 at the door). You can purchase your tickets in advance here; they are also looking for sponsors and are asking any company with products with women that are related to fitness or firearms (or if you just want more information) contact Marilyn, the CEO of Nickel and Lace, at support (at)



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