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Crimson Trace: Nice Call on Leaving the ESOS


Crimson Trace and Others Show Solidarity With Shooting Industry

Brian Montgomery

You've probably been following the ongoing stupidity with British-owned company Reed Exhibitions and the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show.  If not, the short version is Reed banned all AR15-style rifle platforms from the show (which was later cancelled after over 100 exhibitors pulled out).  The NRA (rightly) initiated a boycott of the show (though in fairness the first company I heard had withdrawn was Smith & Wesson, then Ruger) and many of other large firearms manufacturers followed suit and also pulled out. This has left many of us wondering how the NSSF is going to respond, since in the past Reed has handled SHOT.

I thought it worth worth pointing out that many smaller companies, including Crimson Trace, could have remained involved while it was still a go, but showed solidarity and did not. CT isn’t quite on the same level as a Smith & Wesson or HK, size-wise.  They’re plenty big, but not one of the Big Boys.  Also, most of their sales come from handgun accessories.  They easily could have justified staying put and showcasing all of their non-AR gear.  They chose to support the industry, the people’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms and their fellow shooters.

We say – Well done.  Well done indeed, to all of you who stood up and did the right thing.

If you want to support them, here’s a link to their site.  Get yourself a laser or three.

If you are aware of smaller companies who withdrew from the show against their better financial interests, please let us know in the comments. We want to send kudos where they're earned.



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