Counter Ambush: New Book From Pincus


Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training has a new book out. Counter Ambush focuses on five things: Understanding the need for counter ambush training, the neuroscience of such training, the physiology of such training, the physics of intuitive defensive shooting and the whys & wherefores of developing your counter ambush training. Most importantly these things are written in the context of eliminating scripted scenarios and target engagement. To wit:

"People need to stop training as if they know exactly where the bad guy is, how many their are, when they are going to strike and how many rounds it'll take to stop them.... My new book explains why and how to do it." Rob Pincus
It's a premise we've discussed before (remember the Jedburgh Targets?) and something that has a place in any good training program (even if it's not the overarching premise). This book, so we're clear, is mostly about mindset and preparation. It isn't something that's full of pictures, diagrams and charts showing specific ways to present your weapon or conduct a tactical reload (though there are obvious preferences). This applies to virtually all the topics throughout. For instance, one part of Chapter 12 [The Body's Natural Reactions: External} discusses the ramifications of lowering a shooter's center of gravity. There's no illustration that says THIS IS HOW YOU MUST STAND, just a discussion of why lowering your center of gravity is a natural startle response, the advantages this provide, and how to take it into account during training.

In addition to the more topical information, Rob makes several points that could will easily make the purchase worth the expense if they get through to even a handful of readers. One such that resonates with me reads as follows:

"When the system is set up to imply that the required training is all that one needs to do, it creates the illusion of preparation and instills a false sense of confidence in many people who simply do not realize the vast chasm of knowledge and practice that stands between their CCW Qualification Course and actual preparation to deal with a worst case scenario situation."
Preach on brother. This has been something I've ranted about several times, and in my mind it applies just as much to military personnel as LEOs as it does to CCW folks. Why anyone would choose to train the bare minimum number of hours and rounds required for their unit/agency/permit is utterly beyond my comprehension. How much time, money and effort is your life worth? The soldiers around you? Other officers? Your family members?

But I digress.

I'm still reading the book, so it would be premature to post a full review here. So far though I recommend it. It will make a good addition to your training library. I think shooters of most any experience will get something out of it, but it would also make an excellent reading suggestion or gift to the less experienced shooters in your life.

I'll post more when I'm finished with the book.

Buy yours here.

From the very persuasive and unsurprisingly articulate six page forward to Counter Ambush by Dave Grossman.

Teddy Roosevelt said, while he was President, that, “We should establish shooting galleries in all the large public and military schools, should maintain national target ranges in different parts of the country, and should in every way encourage the formation of [shooting] clubs throughout all parts of the land... It is unfortunately true that the great body of our citizens shoot less and less as time goes on. To meet this [challenge] we should encourage ... practice ... by every means in our power. Thus, and not otherwise, may we be able to assist in preserving the peace of the world. Fit to hold our own against the strong nations of the earth, our voice for peace will carry to the ends of the earth. Unprepared and therefore unfit, we must sit dumb and helpless to defend ourselves, protect others, or preserve peace. The first step -- to avert war if possible, and to be fit for war if it should come -- is to teach our men to shoot. It bears repeating: our ancestors knew that it is not enough to just have a gun, it is also vital to be trained in the proper use of that weapon. And that is what this book is all about. Here, in your hands, is one of the finest gunfighter training resources available...I encourage you, I implore you, as we love our nation, as we love our way of life, as we love our families and our children and grandchildren, do not just read this book: study it, apply it, live it, in order to be… truly prepared.  

Dave Grossman Lt. Colonel, US Army (ret.) Author of On Killing and On Combat

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