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Costa on Second Amendment Turmoil


Chris Costa of Costa Ludus has released a statement addressing the ongoing Second Amendment debate going on at so many levels across the country. It is no surprise that Costa is a staunch proponent of the Second Amendment, a position so much of (though not all) the readership here on Kit Up! takes. The "gun control" debate is a visceral topic, regardless of which side of the argument you stand. His opinion is quoted here in its entirety for your examination.


Over the last few weeks it has been difficult to contain and reconcile emotions with the amount of biased information and misinformation that has been disseminated over the last few months, even years, by the media. If any of my comments come across as callous or insincere, I ask in advance that you please accept my apologies, and know whole-heartedly that my intentions are not to offend.

As many of you know, my family has a proud tradition of serving this great country of ours. My father, as well as his father before him, proudly served in our armed forces. As a young man, I looked up to my father and grandfather, and following their tradition, I too proudly served my country. As a proud Patriot I understand the obligation and commitment of sacrifice for the greater good. Men and women from all walks of life proudly serve this great country of ours, both in times of peace and in times of war, because they fight for the values and beliefs in which this great country was founded. Their sacrifice, laid upon the altar of freedom, was made so that “the right of the people” should be preserved and cherished; not systematically stripped away.

I have four children of my own that I love very much. As a father, it is my proud duty and obligation to protect them. My parents made sure they provided me more than they ever had as children growing up. As a united country, if we are not careful, our children run the inherent risk of having far less and harder times. As a country, it is our duty and a human obligation to protect our neighbor or those who cannot protect themselves.

I believe the linked video below will, in some small way, shed light on the issues this country is facing in addition to our Second Amendment battles. We need to stand together now, or we run the risk losing the greatest nation on earth. I ask that you please watch this ninety minute film, and open your mind to what is plausible. Hopefully this allows you to objectively draw your own conclusion on the issues of medical, education, natural recourse and the economy currently facing our country.

I alone have forty-one thousand followers on Facebook, of which, behind that are over 12 million people that can possibly be reached if the message is passed. One person alone can't make the difference, and collectively we have to realize that our future and the future of our children are at risk. Many of the issues currentlty encroaching on our second amendment rights are many of the same hurdles that influence a bigger picture.

The video is long. It's essentially a full-length movie. Chris advises,

"I agree the vid is long but it explains 50 years. 90 min's is worth my country."

Link to the video is here:

Costa Ludus on Facebook, if you want to get in on the conversation:


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