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Walking/Rolling Steel Targets


These Rolling Targets are a new project from Dodge Off Road LLC. The premise is simple - you shoot it, it rolls away. You hit it again, it keeps rolling. No need to reset, instant gratification. That's a pretty interesting take on shooting steel!

The ones shown in this picture are 6.5" from the center of the target to the the center of the other target on the same piece. Actual circle is 2.5". The manufacturer advises he does have them in both 8" and 1.5" diameter as well.

This particular model (and price) is for .22 caliber. It will not hold up to .223. Dodge Off Road LLC will soon have an entire site dedicated to different versions of this target idea and are also producing videos so we can watch the at work.

Price is normally $35 but "...until (or the end of the world, whichever comes first) they are just $25 each plus shipping..." They also offer quantity discounts.

E-mail them at sales(at) until they go up on their own site.

(Note: you may also want to check out for 1994-current model high performance suspension and steering products for Dodge Ram solid-axle trucks.)

Hat tip to Death Valley Mag.

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