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Training and Entertainment: a Different Sort of Zombie Book


Remember Christian Lowe? Former editor and Le Grande Fromage here at Kit Up! before moving on to US News & World Report? David Reeder, the current Associate Editor here? Perhaps you'll recall Jack Murphy,another former contributor here and author of the PROMIS series. These three writers along with several others from the tactical industry (writers who are also instructors) collaborated in an anthology project to support the Independence Fund. Attack of the Zombie Hippies is finally available on Amazon. It got a thumbs up from JL Bourne ("Satire and zombies at its funnest." -J.L. Bourne, author of Day by Day Armageddon), has a forward by our friend Eric Graves over on Soldier Systems and was edited by prolific entertainment writer Erik Dewey (author of the superb pre-deployment aid, the Big Book of Everything).

Yes, the zombie genre is growing tired, but this anthology is a little different than others (and it's for a a good cause).

The collection contains 24 stories and articles. Roughly half are fiction; the others are training articles disguised as anti-zombie advice. From utilizing your tracking skills (courtesy of Freddy Osuna and Greenside Training) to the fundamentals of building a good carbine (Dave Merrill, of MilCopp Tactical) to improving your threat awareness in and around vehicles (Canadian freelance tactical writer Chris Clermont), all of the articles are written by SMEs with a lot to offer.

The fiction stories run the gamut of deadly serious and moving (Merrill's Yona) to 'action sarcastic' (Reeder's Roundhouse Kick Revival) to wry and entertaining (Arthur Lowther's Woodstock) to the unexpected (Guns and Zombies, A Chick's Perspective, by Evalynn Rose). All well worth reading and, interestingly, all but a few of them written by military veterans.

The last unique feature - there are coupon codes from industry manufacturers scattered through the book. Tactical Tailor, G-Code Holsters, BattleComp, Grey Ghost Gear, I.C.E. Training, Battle Systems LLC and many others. If you purchase just one thing with one code you'll make your money back.

Arthur Lowther, contributor to the collection.

Christian Lowe, contributor to the collection.

Fred Osuna, contributor to the collection.

Rob Pincus, contributor to the collection.

Justin Mullins, contributor to the collection, apparently already prepared for TEOTWAKI.

Jack Murphy, contributor to the collection.

David Merrill, contributor to the collection (on Hawaiian Shirt Range Day).

David Reeder, contributor to the collection...not quite sure what he is doing.



The anthology is $3.99 on Amazon, currently Kindle only. Proceeds benefit Independence Fund and given some recent activity in veteran-support charities, feel free to contact them to confirm. Independence Fund, if you weren't aware, works quite a bit with Gary Sinise's Lt. Dan Band. They do everything from providing rehabilitation opportunities to helping build 'smart houses' for catastrophically wounded veterans.

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