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Rogue Gunfighter Armor Carrier


RG has released another picture of their armor carrier. Designed for overt or covert work, the advise they have "...covered everything we can think of with the RG LVR and will be introducing it at SHOT Show next month..."

It will be available for purchase shortly after SHOT, though the final price has not been confirmed. The carrier has the organic capability to run 8 magazines and contains both a Kangaroo Pouch and Admin Pouch as well "...extras [they] won't mention yet..."

The Rogue Gunfighter LVR is made in America.

About Rogue Gunfighter:

Rogue Gunfighter, LLC was formed in 2012 by a group of friends who have worked and operated together in some of the worlds most undesirable place to include Yemen, Libya, South American, Europe, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Indian Ocean and Pakistan. Our culture is derived  from the “Gunfighter” lifestyle and warrior ethos. We come from diverse backgrounds to include all branches of the US Military Branches to include SOCOM, OGA, Intelligence, Anti Piracy/Ship Protection and High Threat Protection.

RG has worked with some great companies like Troy Industries, TAG, High Threat Concealment, Smith and Wesson, Insight Technologies/L-3, Eotech, LCI, Smith Optics, Rogue American Apparel, Team Wendy and Kill Cliff. We recently finished a fun project utilizing equipment and gear mentioned above. We will be launching a 3 and a half minute Video next month in conjunction with the official launch of Rogue Gunfighter, highlighting our Carrier, our low pro Medical pouch, High Threat Concealment’s Gun Belt System as well as gear and weapons from the above mentioned companies.


We realize the change in operation tempo and the need for low profile KIT and gear., especially overseas and even here domestically.  Our motto “Fight Fast, Light, Ready be Unpredictable”.  We understand the reality from experience of operating in places like Libya and Yemen, where Multicam is just not realistic for these environments and where guys are more likely to be wearing Jeans, Converse and Tee shirts or over shirts, rather than in high visibility kit and clothing where they stand out as an easy target.  RG and High Threat Concealment systems have both been designed for such environments, yet capable to deliver in high capacity engagements if needed.

The RG Carrier:

We have field tested the carrier, ran it through both low profile and High visibility scenarios’ and drills to which we are extremely happy, especially when running it with the HTC gun belt.

Availability: We are making final adjustments and are looking at mid to late December for availability.

RG has partnered with LCI and TAG, who have proven been proven year after year with creating high quality functional systems needed by the Military and Law Enforcement communities. MADE IN THE USA.



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