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Mutha Ruka Now Available in PenCott Greenzone


Hyde Definition's PentCott GreenZone is now a camouflage pattern option for the Drop Zone Tactical Mutha Ruka pack. Developed initially a few years ago as a 'long range recce pack' the Mutha Ruka is essentially an improved and modernized Brit Army bergen. According to the Drop Zone, the Mutha Ruka was developed over the course of four years. Designers looked at numerous military pack designs in order to distill the determine the best-regarded pack out there. They advise the most consistent response they received in those early stages was British Army Bergen, so that's what they used as the base line.

Says DZT, "The conclusion they made was straightforward. Bring the classic and proven, British military design, the Bergen into the 21st century. The Bergen was already highly regarded by professional soldiers throughout the world and proven in conflicts for nearly 3 decades. A tremendous foundation to build from!"

A number of changes were made to the standard bergen to build the Mutha Ruka, including the addition of a reinforced Direct Load Transfer Frame (originally seen in their 3-Day Recce pack). The shoulder straps are wide, for load distribution, and adjustable for the individual wearer's height. This adjustment is made with pull toggles to ease use with tactical- or cold weather-gloves and the webbing is turned 90 degrees to prevent accidental pull-through.They are lined with 3D mesh for comfort and sweat absorption and the load lifters, like the original bergen, feature quick-pull toggles. Lastly, shoulder straps feature a height- and width-adjustable sternum strap and D-rings.

Plastic reinforcement was added to the waist belt laminate, bringing it to 5 layers,and a removable lumbar pad was added to enhance comfort. Belt and lumbar pad are covered with 3D mesh; they utilize 2" milspec webbing and 2" milspec side release buckles to secure the belt to an individual wearer. Upper and lower side stabilizer straps with pull toggles were implemented to reduce side sway. Frame rail sizes were increased from 3/4" to 1". The frame rails and waist belt assembly can be withdrawn from the main pack body in order to set the frame rails to an individual's needs.

Other features include:

- urethane coated 1000d Cordura main pack chamber with black oxide grommets for water drainage with a  420d nylon spindrift collar and cord locked drawstrings.

- oversize compression straps around the main bag to restrain the load.

- PALS loops for additional modularity

- full floating hood tabular buckles, pull toggles and DTZ M.U.L.E.S. Mk2 bandoleers (which allow additional modularity with the use of ITW annex clips, ALICE/MALICE clips and similar systems).

- removable side pockets and complete harness, allowing side pockets to be attached alone or in tandem.

- #12 Ykk zippers and side release buckles on the side pockets with interior water bladder pocket

For additional details and explanation, visit the Mutha Ruka page on Drop Zone Tactical's web page.

If a full review of this pack is something you'd be interested in seeing, let us know in the comment section. We have reviewers about to embark on a two-week mountain backpacking trip. We'll see about getting one in their hands, though by those point there are probably many Canadian soldiers who can give us some good feedback on how it rides and holds up in field conditions.

Edit: PenCott printed webbing will be available soon and added to the pack design.


MuthaRuka Dimensions:

Approximate dimensions: (H x L x D) (inches / centimeters)
Main Bag: 24.8” x 17.6” x 8” / 62cm x 44cm x 20cm
Hood: 5.2” x 13.6” x 6” / 13cm x 34cm x 15cm
Each Pocket: 12.8” x 8” x 4” / 32cm x 20cm x 10cm
Approximate capacity: (cubic inches / litres)
Main Bag: 3491.8 cu. in. / 54.56 l
Hood: 424.3 cu. in. / 6.63 l
Each Pocket: 409 cu. in. / 6.4 l
Total: 4734 cu. in. / 73.99 l
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