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MasterPiece Arms Hammer With Disconnect


MPA Hammer Disconnect

MasterPiece Arms has a new hammer design out for their weapons. It features a spring-loaded disconnect and will begin shipping on all new MPA weapons beginning January 2012. According to MPA, the new hammer design will eliminate the trigger slap on MAC type weapons, yielding a more smooth and consistent trigger pull. ("Trigger slap" has been associated with the closed-bolt MAC breeds for nearly 20 years.)

According to MasterPiece Arms, the new MPA hammer with disconnect "completely eliminates this undesirable characteristic permanently."

The new hammer with disconnect will also be an option that can be swapped out with the hammer in existing models (9mm, 5.7 and .45ACP) as well as on all Cobray & Linad weapons.

It will retail for $39.99



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