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Jedburgh Target Systems: Reactive Steel for Gunfighting


This is pretty bad ass...targets that react, but not to specific strings of fire. Jedburgh Target Systems go down when they're hit, but not with just on hit, or a failure drill. These drop randomly, so each one requires a different number of hits to react. This may be the best way to simulate the uncertainties of a real gunfight when it comes to an individual's unique "required prescription" of rounds required to stop the threat. Body armor, adrenaline, zealotry, narcotics, pure stubbornness or number of things can affect whether or not your opponent acknowledges that you've shot him and respond accordingly.


From the website: "The primary architect of JTS Black is a Special Forces combat veteran. His primary design concept is that each target will require a different number of hits before it falls for each iteration.

The logic controller assigns a random number, within programmable limits, which determines the number of hits necessary to “win” each engagement. He also insisted that the target be controlled through a simple yet powerful interface, so instructors can give detailed student feedback and customize training scenarios on the fly using an iPod Touch..."



I like the idea that a reactive target is neither easily predicted nor controlled by the shooter.

More on line on the Jedburgh website:















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