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HWI Gear Grabs Army Combat Glove Deal


The Army recently awarded a $35.6 million contract to HWI Gear to produce the service's legacy Army Combat Glove. It has been hard to keep track of how many different styles of fire-resistant gloves have hit the battlefield over the last decade of war. Soldiers wear coyote brown, foliage green, sage green, black and combinations of those shades.

HWI Gear's ACG isn't replacing any other combat gloves, but it will be the Army's go-to combat glove through 2017. The service could buy as many as 800,000 pairs Para-Aramid and goatskin gloves in an effort to maintain a single, sustainable design. Eight vendors competed in the competition which began in early 2011.

The Ojai, Calif.-based company has produced about 500,000 pairs of this glove for the Army over the past five years. They feature high-density foam padding over the knuckle and palm covered in goatskin leather. The FR material is 10.5 ounce Para-Aramid.

HWI Gear makes similar styles of combat gloves, but they aren't made with the PTFE thread that goes into the ACGs.

The contract designates that the ACG will be a sage color, said Clinton Hatch of HWI. They look darker to me, but what do I know.  

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