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EGL's VOCR: Vehicle Operations Chest Rig


We've previously reported on Extreme Gear Labs, a small custom gear manufacturer in Colorado and thought we'd share another one of their designs: the VOCR. The Vehicle Operations Chest Rig is  low profile chest rig designed specifically for people operating in vehicles or within confined spaces.

The VOCR holds four rifle magazines (AK74, AK47, M4, SCAR and other mag pouches are available) and up to another four pistol mags, though the pouches for the latter can of course be used for additional tools. It can be adapted and/or conformed to a number of different armor packages if need be (one of the original requirements for the first clientswas to set the VOCR up to go over a specific brand of low-pro armor). Additional customization for the end user's desired configuration, such as where secondary pockets are positioned, can be made on request.

Base line cost for a VOCR is $175 but will vary with configuration and may go up depending on added modularity features. Note that EGL builds virtually everything on demand. There is little in stock, and he builds gear to a specific platform, not universal. He will push the gear out as quickly as he can, but unless the client is active duty about to deploy or there is another priority need you should plan for a delivery time of 6-8 weeks.

The owner of EGL answers all e-mails himself (unless they're "...rabidly stupid...") and will attempt to reply to contact attempts within 24 hours. The new EGL website is currently under construction. Meanwhile just watch them on Facebook.

Final note - virtually any camouflage pattern is available for your gear request, VOCR or otherwise. He has recently built rigs in Kryptek, ATACS AU, coyote Brown, MultiCam, a variety of other khakis and tan, 3-color desert and others within reason. If you have an oddball request he'll try to accommodate it (though it will depend of course on just how oddball it is).

EGL is currently working on a leg rig that will be an improved resurrection of something he was originally building a few years back, so watch for that.

 Extreme Gear Labs on Facebook.

Copied from that page:

EGL tip #69 How to Order from EGL

1) Contact us at

2) send forth your request (plus specs and drawings)

3) we review for clarity

4) send back a quote 5) finalize details

6) you pay and wait as your gear is cooking

7) Enjoy new gear smell

There is no catalog, or pointytalky with gear pics.. Only the photos section here on Extremegearlabs Fan page.

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