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Adams Industries NVG Solutions


by Brad Walker

For years, the Special Operations community has modified their gear to adapt to mission requirements or their environment. Early on, non-conventional forces wanted to run dual-tube NVGs such as the AN/AVS-6 (ANVIS) goggles that pilots used. The end result was operators modifying their ballistic helmets to accept flight helmet NVG mounts. This was the standard for years, and then Adams Industries came along and changed everything.

Adams created a mounting solution for the AN/AVS-6s that integrates the traditional flight helmet mount with a backing plate that snaps directly into any MICH-type, US MIL standard mounting bracket (i.e. MICH, PVS-7/14 mount, VAS shroud, etc.). The Surface ANVIS Mount (AI/SAM) provides a stable mounting platform for the night vision unit without sacrificing the utility of the helmet.

Adams' system essentially allows the end user to adapt his helmet to any mission simply by changing the mount via the normal quick-release lever that you would find on the traditional PVS-7/14 "Rhino" mounts.

Adams also makes an Ops-Core/Crye compatible mount that has a small block between the backing plate and the mount that allows the mount to better fit angle of the Ops-Core and Crye ballistic and non-ballistic helmets using a shroud mount.

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the standard AI/SAM, the Ops-Core/Crye model and a standard PVS-7/14 "Rhino" mount.

Lastly, Adams Industries has developed a newer (and way better version in my opinion) version of the standard low-profile NVG battery pack used by air and ground forces. The Air Ground Warrior Battery Pack (AI/AGWBP) is made from a high-strength polymer that is extremely rugged and water-resistant. It accepts the standard 4 AA batteries or 2 3V batteries that are so common today.

No battery trays. No cheap plastic. No battery lids snapping off. Adams thought this one through by adding retractable battery covers that have an o-ring that keeps sand and moisture out. They ditched the dinky switch and swapped it out with a nice knurled knob that rounds out the pack.

Adams Industries also has a vast amount of night vision devices that they develop and sell to accompany their mounts. Adams is run and operated by a great group of individuals who are truly committed to making great products for our fighting military.

To learn more about Adams Industries and their products, log on to their website at:; NVG related items are at


About the author: Brad Walker is former enlisted man, now WO, who may or may not be Danny McBride’s slightly less witty brother. A ten year Army Aviation veteran who was an NCO before going to flight school, he now drives Apaches and is an FAA privately licensed rotary wing aircraft pilot. He’s got a strong background in trauma/casualty care and SERE, loves to shoot and writes when his muse grabs him. He is also the HMFIC at MadCat Aviator Operator (which is named for his kids).


These Adams Industries mounts and accessories are going to make this (below) a lot more pleasant.

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