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Some More Views of the Haley/IWC's Offset Thorntail


Haley Strategic and Impact Weapon Components have released the new Pic-compatible Haley Offset Thorntail, which allows you to move your weapon light off at 45 degrees to allow for the placement of additional accessories. I've had one of the first Thornatails for some time and although I don't typically shoot thumb over bore, I really like it (in fact, I'm trying to figure out now if I can get it to mount reliably to my old Professional Ordnance Carbon-15...we'll see).

Anyway, this will be perfect for many of you who use multiple accessories or possibly those who have foregrip lights and want to mount a smaller secondary, and at $50 it's not cost prohibitive.  Watch the HSP site for a video of the new offset Thorntail, they wanted to release it last night but were experiencing technical difficulties.

FYI Jerking the Trigger just finished up their review, which is very nicely done. If you're considering picking one of these up, I'd recommend reading it. It's the only review (that I'm aware of) currently available: JTT Review.


By the way, a lot of folks have met and trained with Travis Haley. Not as many know Earl Pittman of IWC. He's every bit as much a genius in his chosen craft as Haley is in his. This is Earl at a Haley Dynamics course:


More on the Offset Thorntail:





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