Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday: Weapon Outfitters


Weapon Outfitters, despite what you may have heard, is not a magical warehouse stuffed with amazing goodies staffed by hot girls (not that there'd be anything wrong with that). Weapon Outfitters is a true small business worthy of Small Business Saturday (and perhaps more appropriately Cyber Monday) mention in that it's largely a one-man business (with the help of a part-time employee) by someone working diligently to take it big time. They are also assisted by an accountant who comes in once a week. The man behind Weapon Outfitters is named Roy (we'll tell you more about him eventually).

"Despite our size, Weapon Outfitters tried to offer only premium market segment components and quality commodity level components," Weapon Outfitters Roy says. "LPKs, bolts, receivers, etc...we...survive mostly [so far] on the good will of the community and good contacts."

Weapon Outfitters carries a wide variety of high quality manufacturers. Centurion Arms, Ares Gear, Praetor Defense, LMT, Viking Tactics, INFORCE, Daniel Defense, et al. They are currently headquartered out of a local range and conduct their sales on line, though that will change when they open up their own brick-and-mortar.

Brie - one of the models (who can shoot) Weapon Outfitters uses to show off the kit they carry.

Michelle Viscusi, also a shooter, also using equipment carried by Weapon Outfitters.

If you're curious about Michelle's picture:

She is carrying a Rainier Arms LLC Raptor charging handle, a Centurion Arms C4 "Front Sight Pocket" (FSP) rail, an Aimpoint on a skeletonized Seekins Precision mount, and a Blue Force Gear, Inc. 2 Point sling.


If you're interested in Brie's kit: Primary Weapons Systems SCAR Rail Extension (SRX): Angled Charging Handle: Magpul SCAR Safety Selector: in limited edition FDE with 7.62mm BDC: Force Gear, Inc. Universal Wire Loop with QD socket: Grip SCAR grip: SCAR FDE Magazines:

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