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SBS/Cyber Monday: Fight and Flight Tactical


Small Business/Cyber Monday: Fight and Flight Tactical

by Brad Walker

I first met Dave Watson, owner of Fight and Flight Tactical, in 2004 when I moved to Ft. Campbell, KY. He and I worked on aircraft and deployed to Iraq together the next year in 2005. From Day 1 arriving at the unit, I was told by everyone that Dave was the "go-to" guy for anything uniform related. Over the next few years, he stitched name tags, rank and skill badges on everyone's uniforms - if it would lay flat and still long enough, Dave could get a sewing needle through it.

Early personal prototypes of Dave's own kit that he carried in Iraq.


Some of Dave's first magazine and GP pouches. Iraq 2005.

On deployment, he was accompanied by his sewing machine,  weapon, coffee pot and other "mission-essential" items. Eventually, Dave started transitioning to other avenues such as altering gear and even making gear by hand.

After serving 7 years in the U.S. Army and completing 2 tours in Iraq, Dave used his skills that he had attained and made Fight and Flight his full-time job passion. He and the F&F crew hand-make every piece of gear that goes through their door. They make a great deal of specialty items such as aviator and ground kneeboards, Everyday Carry (EDC) gear, as well as unique pouches and other kit. They also have an extensive and impressive line of K-9 gear that is second to none. Every aspect of Dave's gear is scrutinized, tested and evaluated before it ever hits the customer's hands. Dave is hell-bent on making certain that every cut and every stitch is up to standard because his gear goes to some of the best warfighters in the world. Agencies from the Department of Homeland Security to Army Rangers and Special Forces to Naval Special Warfare Group to Local and State Law Enforcement use Fight and Flight Tactical's gear. It makes perfect sense that their slogan is "Durable Gear for the Tip of the Spear."

Dave and his dog Molle.

If by some off chance something doesn't look or feel right, Dave's mission is to make it right. Period. He is 100% invested in his customer service. He and his team at Fight and Flight know the gravity of what their gear faces on a day to day basis, and they'll be damned if it's not going to be the best that it can be when our nation's best is using it.

Check out Fight and Flight Tactical's full line of gear at

Note: Fight and Flight is running a Cyber Monday sale until 2359 today. All orders over $100 will get 10% off with the coupon code "tryptophan". All APO orders get the same deal, plus they ALSO get a free Blackjack Battery Brick (just email them at info @ with your order number and let us know if you prefer the AA, AAA or Combo version).

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