SBS/Cyber Monday: Juggernaut Graphics


A much younger Drew Toth (Juggernaut Graphics) in the desert, 1991.

In the frozen wastelands of Michigan, somewhere north of Detroit, is a screenprint company called Juggernaut Graphics. Juggernaut Graphics is owned and operated by former Marine Andrew "Drew" Toth and his wife Lorie - another excellent example of a small family owned business. Juggernaut does a lot of screen-printing for area businesses as well as shirts, t-shirts and flags for folks in the industry.

If you're not looking for loot to sell or give away on your website, you may also be interested in some of their proprietary designs (including a series of "Right Wing Extremist" t-shirts featuring various pro-Second Amendment designs). You may also like Tattooed Bearded Gunmen and of course Wolverines:

If you're offended by blunt, forthright pro-Gun, pro-Christian apparel, you'll want to skip Juggernaut Graphics' own designs. Otherwise you'll probably like much of it. It would also help to have a somewhat cutthroat sense of humor. That said, even if you're more politically correct in your leaning, you could do far, far worse than having Juggernaut Graphics print your apparel. They are reliable and hard working to a fault.

If by chance you take a dogsled or tracked snow vehicle into the wilderness north of I-90 and actually visit the shop, you will see a different flag up every few days. It's one of their 'signatures', as is a Faceb00k-explanation of each flag when it's flown.

"Join, or Die" flag is based on a well-known political cartoon, created by Benjamin Franklin and first published in his Pennsylvania Gazette on May 9, 1754.

Drew Toth hard at it.

Warning: Juggernaut connectivity has been hit-or-miss today on their website. This is either due to a blizzard (everything north of Kansas City gets blizzards, as far as I'm concerned) or because they've been selling out damn near every shirt in stock. If you can't get through immediately, check them out on Facebook and leave a message. Don't give up on them, there's only the two of them keeping up with things. They'll get back to you.

Juggernaut Graphics is on the web at

Ain't he cute? (The dog, not Toth.)

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