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Picture it: One Voter's "Statement"


This picture went out a while back on Combat Swag's page. Good stuff.

"All right. Four planes. Cuban bunker, Russian bunker. munitions dump, troop tents. Four machine gun bunkers. Back here by the drive-in screen are your political prisoners. We'll cause a diversion over here... cut holes in the wire here, fire on all these machine gun positions. The B-Group comes across this area in a flanking maneuver... and when you reach this bunker, you lay down grazing fire on this defilade. I think that's pretty simple. Anybody got any questions so far?

"What's a flank?" "What's a defilade?" "What's grazing fire?" "I need a drink"

Does anyone else wonder why a zipper-suited sun god is tossing around terms like that?

Have a good day today. VOTE. Your choice is irrelevant. Men and women have died for your right to make one.


Mad Duo clear.

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