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Picture It: Paradigm SRP's Legion Pistol


Paradigm SRP recently appeared on Sons of Guns; Legion Firearms loaned them an LFP9 for that appearance. Paradigm SRP liked the weapon so much that afterward they had a "...custom Paradigm SRP version done. It is 9mm and based on the 2011 style frame and slide. Though not as tight in regards to tolerances as the sport guns, it is still a tack driver. It survived 4 days of dry and dusty conditions at our ranch with no issues..."

This is the LFP9 with  Silencerco Osprey suppressor. Says Paradigm SRP, "This is an excellent combination. Very lightweight and easy to point. Though the Osprey is a bit unconventional in its shape, it makes a lot of sense. Much easier to carry on your kit. The Osprey also works very well on a Glock 19..."


Paradigm SRP offers protective services, "vital asset recovery and static asset preservation", weapon services and tactical training (including an armored vehicle operations course). They also manufacture proprietary weapon platforms and accessories, including the TALON Gyro Stabilized Gun Platform and GATOR Shotgun Shot Spreader.


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