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Training on Tuesday: Options for a Tactical Reload


Those crazy Slovenians. In all seriousness, though, it is often more expedient to go to a secondary reload. Our old Rangemaster here (who has a whole list of unique aphorisms) always said, "Cuz the fastest reload, boys, is another gun."

Of course, in the event, it would seem to be better to drop the weapon on the deck and draw than try to reholster...of course, that's only an option for those of us who understand a carry weapon is a tool not a showpiece.

This is via Polenar Tactical. Once you're done watching it, let's talk reloads. Muzzle down  or muzzle up? Elbow tight against the rib cage and handgun in front of your face? Move and reload? Stand still and reload? Crouch and reload? Obviously the situation dictates, but I thought it would be interesting to see what you think. Post links to videos that might be pertinent, if you have a favorite.


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