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Molon Labe Industries SCARmags


According to Breach-Bang-Clear, Molon Labe Industries, a Tampa Bay area company, will soon be releasing a new polymer SCAR magazine.

Cue raucous (grunts: raucous) celebrating and pelvic thrusts from SCAR lovers.

The magazines will fit all models of the SCAR 17 (SCAR Heavy/7.62) and will be available initially in 20-round capacity. The run will eventually expand to 10-round and 25-round magazines, and all will be available in black, tan, OD and a darker brown variation. The magazines are made of a proprietary material that has involves some new technology that Molon Labe describes as including “IR cloaking properties”. This material will eventually be used for upcoming handgrips and other accessories MLI is working on now. Read the entire article on the new SCARmags.

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