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Magnified Optics for LEOs (and others)


In case you missed this when it came out a couple weeks's worth revisiting, and is certainly worth considering from a home defense/TERAC (Trained and Educated Responsible Armed Citizen) perspective.

"...The current rage in combat optics has to be the zero magnification reflex and/or holographic sight. They're quick to acquire on close range threats, easy enough to use, have long-lasting batteries and are quite durable. There's a lot to like. As my current operation requires no response to community threats but threats inside a fairly small dwelling, the zero-mag serves the purpose quite well.

That's not to say that the zero-mag unit can't be called on for long distance hits. It's proved itself on that count. But, to steal a quote from Trijicon's Frank Martello, LE Programs Supervisor, "A good shot isn't always a good shooting." To have a full mission profile capability, you have to do more than just hit a target.

For it to be a good shooting, the shooter must be able to tell why the shot was taken. In modern Use of Force parlance, "C.Y.A." doesn't mean what you think it means. "C.Y.A." is a question - Can You Articulate?

Why did you take that shot? In the words of another trainer, you saw the actor had A.O.J. - he had the ability to kill or cripple, was capable of delivering that force immediately and he acted in such a way to convince you that he was going to use that force now - Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy...."

Read Rich Grassi's original article in its entirety.

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