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Legion Firearms Post-Election

We thought this was funny, and we know you guys feel compelled to learn our opinion, so here you go. This appeared on the Legion Firearms facebook page last night.

Because of the recent political shenanigans this country has witnessed, Legion Firearms has found itself in the unenviable position of having to quintuple its, actually, septuple them. No, duodecuple them...JUST KIDDING. If you want a Legion rifle (and really, who doesn't) they're available at the same place for the same price they were 48 hours ago! Here's a rare depilated North American Yeti discussing his LF-15D.


We've put definitions in for the grunts. (We mean you Darin Morrell, JD Wallace, Brian Kenney, Mike Harvey, Luke Peelgrane, John Whitlock and Nate Murr - don't say we're not looking out for you poor simple knuckledraggers.)

Mad Duo Clear

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