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Fight Like a Girl: Getting Serious About Learning to Shoot


The Mad Duo recently ran an AAR of a series of courses a relatively new female shooter took by the shooter herself. She started with the basic Legion Firearms carbine course, went to a Magpul Dynamics handgun course and finished with a Haley Strategic carbine class. The AAR is an excellent perspective from a woman's perspective and is worth sharing with the females in your life.

"It is when I joined the Sure Shots that I began to take shooting more seriously than just a fun hobby or practice to become a better hunter. I began to seek out training programs that would expand my capabilities as a shooter. The first class I took was a carbine class for the Sure Shots administered by Legion Firearms. I had never shot an AR-15 before (actually, I had never shot a rifle that wasn’t some type of bolt action hunting rifle). The class pushed me passed my physical limits, but I came out the other side more familiar and proficient with the weapon system.

A few months later a fellow Sure Shot and I took the Magpul Dynamics Handgun One course conducted by Steve Fisher, who happens to be an excellent instructor and just an awesome person to be around in general (even if he called me “Rihanna” for 3 days straight). Despite the fact that we were the only girls in a class of experienced shooters, we held our own. If I had one word to describe the three days of the course, it would be “intense.” While the class focused on technique, handgun manipulation, and accuracy, the most important thing I got out of it was discovering and experiencing my personal physical and mental breaking points. I broke bad habits and began to learn new ones. I came out a completely different shooter."

Author of the AAR, learning to control a weapon on automatic fire:


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