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Emitips: Retrofit Your Gloves


I've been wearing 5.11 Screen Ops "Duty Gloves" off and on now since the weather started to turn and I like them. Unfortunately they aren't suitable for all applications (I don't wear them running a chainsaw and I wouldn't wear them if it was bitterly cold) and although 5.11 Tactical has more rugged version of the 'Screen Ops' gloves (the Tactical and Patrol) I haven't picked a set up yet. That leaves me unable to check my iPhone or iPad without stripping gloves off my hand. For those who have already invested in their glove brand of choice, buying another pair may not be an option. For those who required a truly heavyweight glove for warmth none of the 5.11 gloves may work anyway.

Enter Emitips.

Emitips are a third-party add-on you attach to your gloves that allow you to use the touch-screen features of devices (i-stuff, Droid-stuff, Nooks and Nintendos, etc.) They material in the emitips mimic the charge generated by your fingertips with a pressure-transfer, allowing you to use “capacitive screens”. You receive six strips with an order, not because they assume you’re a mutant but because they envision you kitting up two fingers and a thumb on each hand. The strips themselves are ironed on (they advise without compromising the integrity of the gloves) and can be machine washed and dried.

There's not much out there on these yet, but for $10 it might be worth seeing if they'll perform as advertised and hold up.

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