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The Bulletproof Snowboard: Something new for 10TH Mountain and Alpine Troops


Dave Lee is a prodigy. On a snowboard, in a snowboard shop and in his ability to pick out an appropriate stocking cap/watch cap/tuque for any possible occasion. He runs Signal Snowboards, which we've written about before. Yesterday Signal released their most awesome Every Third Thursday to date and we figured you would want to watch it.

As always, if we think it, it must be so.

This is a bulletproof board built in conjunction with Point Blank, inspired by the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game and a visit to Treyarch. Check it out.


We coulda used one of these when we were in the Spin Ghar.



Mad Duo Clear

About the Authors: Richard “Swingin’ Dick” Kilgore and Jake “Slim” Call are the HMFICs at Breach-Bang-Clear ( They write for current and former military, LEOs, contractors and trained and educated responsible armed citizens. They are the most door-kickingest, trigger-pullingest action figures in the tactical operator tactically operational world. Subscribe to them and stay informed about TTPs, new kit, and latest in what’s stoopid (and occasionally inspiring) in the military and modern society or check them out on Facebook. If you know any of their 1:1 scale handlers, you know they really have spent time at Signal Snowboards - and they really were in the Spin Ghar.

Swingin' Dick in the Spin Ghar, wishing for a bulletproof snowboard from Signal.

Slim, in the Spin Ghar, waiting for Richard to bust his ass. (If you know the story behind the Duo, you know some of their Handlers actually were in the Spin Ghar.)

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