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BFG Has a Limited Run of 47 Special Desert Digi Slings Available

Blue Force Gear has a unique new sling available, but there are only 47 of them available. BFG's Brittney DeVane (who is an extremely proficient shooter, by the way) advises that they're left over from a special order for a "select customer" who needed a specific sling constructed. The ones left over, modified slightly, are a padded 2-to-1 point convertible sling in the Desert Digi pattern.

This sling has two versions available: one has a UWL-PB in the rear for weapons with rear eyelet; the other features a push button swivel and Burnsed Socket.  Both slings have RED Swivels sewn in the front for emergency release and quick one handed two to one point conversion. Both have BFG's exclusive brown anodized aluminum hardware, including pieces not previously released to the public, and both match Desert Digital LBE.

The rear UWL-PB version.

The Burnsed Socket and push button version.

Get yours now if you're gonna. There are only a few in stock and there's no way to predict if there will be any additional future run of this specific design.

On the subject of slings from Blue Force Gear, keep in mind they have OD slings back in stock (for those of us who prefer our gear to be properly color-coordinated.Whether you have a uniform requirement for OD (as a couple of my LEO friends do) or you're just a savvy metrotactical, it's nice to have this option again. (I admit it; I sometimes miss the old days, when we got to wear straight ODs and use MP5s...)

The OD green slings will be a short run for now, though there's no word as to when the cut-off will be. Brittney advises they're considering additional short runs of slings and pouches in hard to find patterns but want to see how the ODs go.

If you haven't used a BFG Vickers sling before and are hesitant, I would lean in favor of. I liked mine very much indeed, before it was stolen for my boy's rifles while I was out of town.

There are padded and unpadded options of the OD sling available.

That's it for this morning. Go forth and conquer.

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